Friday, September 7, 2012

Slytherin Tournament of Hotties!!!

It's back!  This time our hotties are ranked and ready to duke it out for ultimate hottie supremacy.  The top 8 hotties from each division are back to take on 8 challengers.  The divisions are a little different this time around.  There were so many movie hotties that there are 2 movie divisions, A and B.  A consists of last term's top 8 movie hotties and the top 8 nominations.  Division B consists of the Harry Potter hotties and the next 8 nominated movie hotties.  The TV and Wildcard Divisions are also returning.

We are going to start the voting with Movie Division A.  The hottie with the most votes moves on to the next round.  Let's see the match ups!

(1) Johnny Depp vs. (16) Gerard Butler
(8) Josh Hutcherson vs. (9) Robert Downey Jr.

(5) Sean Connery vs. (12) Tom Hiddleson
(4) Chris Hemsworth vs. (13) Karl Urban
(6) Ewan McGregor vs. (11) Selma Hayek
(3) Viggo Mortensen vs. (14) Cary Grant
(7) Ryan Gosling vs. (10) Colin Firth
(2) Hugh Jackman vs. (15) Anne Hathaway
Movie A Bracket Breakdown

Cast your vote here and may the hottest hottie win!

Voting closes at 23:59 POT Wednesday September 12th. 


  1. Great line up here! Plenty of yummy eye candy!

  2. Oh Man! Y'all are making this difficult this time around. Decisions, decisions....

  3. Why can't I click all the buttons?! :D

  4. Karl Urban v. Hemsworth?! Not fair. Totally not fair.

  5. Great picture of Hugh Jackman; wish I didn't have to vote against Anne, though :)

  6. Sooooooo haaaaaard to piiiiick! I want to vote for all of them!!!!!

  7. New this tournament: all hotties who don't move on to the next round get extra special HoH time!