Friday, July 6, 2012

Project Showcase, week ten!

It's only a week into the new month but homework is already rolling in at an alarming rate.

TrishBadish improves on a previous cup cozy design for DADA.

In Potions class, theForestofDean blends many colours together into something to keep her potions nice and snug.

These squid mitts will help rockinsticks fight off any unfriendly merfolk in CoMC.

Piperredfern finishes off this fantastically furry cowl for Muggle Studies.

Let's change things up a bit with a sewing project... Mushroom creates a handy herb-gathering pouch for HoM.

Maigret's mini Calcifer is made of some fancy threads indeed. Going all out for Charms!

Laurel10 whipped up this pair of snazzy socks for foot protection in Flying class.

And finally, a very grouchy Grumpasaurus by 101mystic. He'll help you collect anti-bruising plants in Herbology!

Craft on, housemates!

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