Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Mix: Howl's Moving Castle suggestions

Well! The quidditch team is hard at work finishing their tea cosies, but this Monday Mix is going to focus on Howl's Moving Castle and how we can honour that in our crafting for classes this month.

This calcifer soft toy would be great to use up some fun fur (could count as a luxury fibre for Charms) and looks kind of alien (well, who knows what aliens look like?) for Muggle Studies.

(Image Source)

Likewise there's this Howl Amigurumi which has the direct link to the film Howl's Moving Castle. It uses so many colours that I'm tempted to recommend it for Potions, although since it was designed and made by a Hufflepuff, I think it could be handed in for Flying as well.

(© Emily DeYoung)

Since Sophie grew up learning how to make hats, we could reflect that by making hats of our own.  I love how unusual Regina is, and I think that its aquatic look would fit really well done in blues and greens for COMC, like this one from MVick. Of course, a hat would also make great protection from being whomped in Herbology.

My other suggestion for knitters is to make some seven league boots (aka socks/legwarmers). A sock could be used as a container when gathering herbs for History of Magic, or there are heaps of botanically inspired socks. To stick with the steampunky aesthetic of Howl's Moving Castle, though, I suggest spats socks. These socks button up the side and are designed to look like spats, though they're not the only pattern out there.

(© Janine Le Cras)

I hope that this inspires you to go out and get that house unity credit!

Enable one another.

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