Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Snakes in Detention...

It's Wednesday - and just in case my lack of Wednesday posts the past few weeks have let your forget - Wednesday is still WIP Wednesday!  

For the Americans in the Cup - today is Independence Day - A day typically spent showing your Red, White and Blue Pride at parades, barbecues and firework displays!  To shake things up- today I want to challenge you to share your pride - show us what you're working on this holiday by posting a photo of you in the common room!!!  Not an American celebrating the 4th- I still want to see you pulling your knitting out at a celebration! Maybe its a brithday party,  your own countries special day - whatever the holiday- show us!! 

Getting back to business - Snakes have shown up early in Detention this week with the WIPS! 

We've had a few Stick it to Detention Badges for the first of the month- 

Paige524 popped in with this patriotic badge! 

eliseaboo brought us Gemini

SandraSts  brought us a cute badge of many colors 

yarnfreak75 is sharing LOVE

AuntTallulah & UsherLuvRules  brought us some hats! 

And firstie Slytherknit shared her Fire Monster  with us! 

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