Sunday, July 1, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination; last week of June

You are all brilliant!!! Snakes not only took the week with over 358 posts, but we win the month of June with 533 ½ homework projects posted. I am so proud of all your cunning and ambition.

This week the Ravenclaws made a big homework push and came in second with 308, followed by the Badgers with 292 and then the Griffs with 288 ½. History of Magic was the Snakes favorite class of the week, while the rest of the school packed into Herbology.

The June totals stand as follows:
Slytherin with 533 ½
Hufflepuff with 474
Gryffindor with 431 ½
Ravenclaw with 417

Wonderful work was done by all the house cuppers.

Stay crafty Snakes! Last month of the term and I think the other houses may start to work together to break our lead, so stay on guard and do as many inter-house unity projects as possible to prevent cross-plotting.

We can do it! Go Slytherin, go!

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