Sunday, July 8, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, July 1-6

What an ambitious start right away from both the Slytherins and the Badgers! We won the week with 38 homework projects, but were followed closely by the Puffs with 35; Gryffindor trailed with 15 and Ravenclaw had 11.

It’s going to be close, but we’re almost to the end of term, so turn in your homework, finish up your OWLs, play Quidditch, complete your Order missions – it’s time to CRAFT ALL THE THINGS!

I can see it – the cup is ours. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Unacceptable homework excuse of the week: Mermaids ate my homework. Research can be dangerous.

Brilliant work my lovely Snakes. We can do it. Go Slytherin, go!!!!!

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