Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Mix

Greetings, snakes. I write this from my sickbed in the dungeon, while Naya tends to me with cups of hot tea and a neverending vat of noodle soup. Cough, cough. I am in a sadly much weakened state, but here are some suggestions for you nonetheless.

For those of you who want to tackle Muggle Studies and colourwork at the same time, you could do worse than interpret a message to an alien in craft form. I've been reading about the Arecibo message lately, and with the charts already provided for you, it seems like an ideal choice. This would fit really well with option one, since it looks just like weird pictures but everything represents something - the elements, the solar system, the numbers from one to ten. I can see it inspiring an afghan or pair of colourwork socks. A pair of Arecibo mitts would be really nifty, too!

My inspiration suggestion for History of Magic is this amazing spider silk piece of fabric. It was woven from the silk of a million golden orb spiders, and the fibre alone took four years to collect. I think Arachne would have been proud to see work like this.

I'm afraid that due to my weakened state, this is all I have for you today, but you know the drill. Craft all the things.

Enable one another.

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