Friday, June 29, 2012

Project Showcase, week nine!

Start finishing up those projects, snakes! Tomorrow's the last day of the month and I'll be looking for some impressive craftings in the class threads! For now, check out these fabulous FOs...

Riotously colourful yarn, hand spun by dingomaria for Potions. What a fun little bundle!

Suzi66 studied this mysterious Victorian collar in HoM.

Paige524's soft blanket is for a wee baby mooncalf. Well done in CoMC!

Knitsquid evokes twisting branches for her Herbology homework. Very clever!

Alrischa's lovely jumper is a mish-mash of techniques and features. Hope your daughter had fun sitting in on Flying class!

Inspired by the Australian $10 bill, bcts1022 spun this harmonious blue yarn for Muggle Studies.

EvilOverlady314 frees a house elf with these socks in DADA.

There's more yarn in these than meets the eye. Laurel10 crams double the fun into these mitts using some clever Charms.

Craft on, housemates! TURN-IN DAY TOMORROW, TICK-TOCK!

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