Friday, June 22, 2012

Project Showcase, weeks seven and eight!

Missed my wrap-up last week so I had a lot of projects to choose from today. Get inspired, snakies!

PSG shares her Tour de Sock, er, socks, for Muggle Studies.

Finnsmydog is on a roll with these lovely shawls! This one's for CoMC.

TheEvilPretty1 creates a brand-spanking-new pattern for Herbology.

A handy little improvised pouch by urbanizer -- well done in Flying class!

Gorgeous blue yarn by PurpleliZZard16 -- one of many wonderful dyeing projects done in Potions class!

Knitreaver prevents certain disaster with her anti-fiendfyre potion in DADA.

Rockinsticks "found" this beauty of a vest at the Malfoys' rubbish sale -- their loss is your gain in HoM!

As a DM myself, there's no way I couldn't feature this little project -- a handy dice bag by ickle firstie krystalline for Charms!

That's all for now, housemates. Keep on crafting! (And if you're feeling particularly benevolent towards your Project Showcase blogger, cross your fingers for an England win on Sunday!)

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