Friday, June 1, 2012

Project Showcase, week five!

Well snakies, yesterday was the last day of May, and trust me there was a lot of mad turning-in right up until the end. Time to bust out all those projects that took the whole month to finish... even up to the final minutes!

In CoMC, Finnsmydog turned out this beautiful shawl for a friend in need.

Pacasha spun a whopping 1800 yards to make this gorgeous yarn -- way to go in DADA!

PSG tries her hand at Fair Isle in Muggle Studies class.

Just don't mention it reminds you of sparkly vampires... softnshiny's soft and shiny handspun for Potions!

Beads and burgundy make urbanizer the belle of the ball in HoM.

For Flying class, linuxchic made this friendly little guy to help allay her fear of birds.

Check out these magnificent socks by Mushroom -- there may not be any more streeler venom in the Herbology greenhouses, as it all seems to have gone into these socks!

BadAmy's springy linen stitch scarf brightens up the Charms classroom.

What a productive May! But we can't stop here -- onward and upward into June!

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