Sunday, June 3, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination – end of May

Slytherin House dominates May!!!!! I’m so proud of all of you super crafty Snakes. Go see my Hottie, Misha Collins at the bar for a drink on me.

There was a flurry of last minute turn-ins and History of Magic was the favorite among Slytherins as well as Care of Magical Creatures which was also favored by the rest of the school.

I’ll admit I was a bit confounded in Charms class, so my counts may not be accurate to the point, but it looks like we ended May with 593 ½ for Slytherin, second place goes to those hard working Hufflepuffs with 549 ½, the Gryffindors took third with 542 and the Ravenclaws ended with 505 ½. That means each Slytherin student averaged turning in around 3 projects each. I know many of you went well beyond and turned in all six; OK, I was slacking off at 5, but I promise to make it up in June with 6 classes, Quidditch and a 50% OWL.

Second Quidditch Challenge is running NOW. It’s only 50 yards in the best colors ever, so whip it out and forget it. We’ve been invited over to the Badger’s Den to spy make new friends, so pair up with a Puff and make sure we keep our lead.

Did you bomb detention yet? Let’s keep that going.

One last thing, I know it’s fun to come from behind with a big finish, but please be kind to your hard working teachers and post early and post often in the preferred format – Name, House, yardage and option number first, then awesome picture and story after.

Brilliant work in May Noble Slytherins! Let’s take both the Quidditch and the House Cup this Spring.

Go Snakes go!

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