Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slytherin Tournament of Hotties!!!

The results are in for the first round of the Harry Potter Division!

The silver bar is for the first name listed and the green bar is for the second name listed.  The numbers represent the percentage of votes.

The last bracket proved to be an interesting match up.  Sirius was leading the entire week, but on the last day of voting Lucius stormed ahead picking up enough votes to come out on top.

The HP Characters moving on to round two are: Draco, Cedric, Ginny, Bellatrix, Prof. Snape, Hermione, Neville, and Lucius.

This week we need you to weigh in on the Movie Division.  This, in my opinion, is the toughest bracket in the whole tournament.  There are way too many eligible hotties for this division but I did my best in picking out the most popular and the most recent additions.

Chris Evans (top) vs. Chris Hemsworth (bottom)

Daniel Craig vs. Sean Connery
Christian Bale vs. Hugh Jackman
Tom Cruise vs. Ryan Gosling

Ewan McGregor vs. John Cusack

Johnny Depp vs. Ioan Gruffudd
George Clooney vs. Viggo Mortensen
Zac Efron vs. Josh Hutcherson

Movie Bracket Breakdown

Vote for who you think is the hotest hottie right here


  1. GAH! You made me pick between George and Viggo this early! *brain explodes*

  2. Agree (1)

    Too bad I can't trade in the Chris vote for the other of that!

  3. Agree (1)

    Too bad I can't trade in the Chris vote for the other of that!

  4. Gah! Missed voting for my own hottie. Never mind. Apparently he made out alright :)

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