Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mid month WIP Wednesday check in!

Another WIP Wednesday is here- what are you working on? 
 What's on your WIP short list?
Have you stopped by the Hedwig Memorial Society yet? 

This week in Detention, we're seeing the normal mid-month slow down of postings. 
Everyone must be off working on projects for classes. Or OWLs. Or planning for Order Missions. 
But Snakes are still posting in Detention! Hissssssss. 

Here are a few projects that have been turned in to Detention this week. 

clanMac is screaming SPRING with her Whippoorwill!

We get to see 3secondfish's twinkle toes with her adorably tipped mermaid socks! 

Is it the beauty of EvilMichelles Whirlpool making me dizzy?

And Chonnybunny's Frost Flower Shawl is making me long for a bouquet of tulips! 

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