Friday, May 18, 2012

Project Showcase, week three!

Good morning fellow snakes! If you need a kick in the pants to turn in some homework, follow in the footsteps of these talented classmates of yours:

These flat hexies by knitreaver remind me of charming garden footpath stones. Very appropriate for Herbology!

A beautiful shawl for Muggle Studies -- well done, knidancer!

JaimeK is going to wear this elegant flower to History of Magic!

Lillerina knitted a secret message into her Potions mitts... hmm... a riddle indeed...

These cute little booties are for Xaintes's nephew! A whole CoMC class will have a hard time keeping up with the wearer of these little shoes.

In Flying class, 01Tangled conquers the fear of the open ocean with this wee sweater. Ahoy!

GothKnitty whips up a killer Confundus in Charms class. Look at the colours in these blanket squares!

This golden DADA skein is EvilMichelle's representation of her sneakoscope.

Until next week, snakes. CRAFT ALL THE THINGS!

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