Friday, May 11, 2012

Project Showcase, week two!

I had lots of great projects to pick from this week, snakies. Let these inspire you as you keep crafting all month!

Naturallyknitty's felted cord pouch keeps things neat and tidy in Charms.

In her Study of Muggles, Oshelle fancies up a crochet doily by using colourful sock yarn.

Demonstrating one of the many uses of worsted weight yarn, MaraE crafts this cozy pair of mittens for CoMC.

Peanutzmom dyes this beautiful bright skein in Flying class, to conquer her fear of fire.

This amazing little colourwork bag will keep PEby's sneakoscope from going off in the DADA classroom.

Hermionejean turns something into nothing in Potions, by overcoming both cabling and beading in the sweet little owlie mitts.

3secondfish acts as personal couturier in History of Magic, and whips up this festive little number for Stubby Boardman's party!

This wee pouch looks charming, but it actually contains acidic streeler venom! Careful in the Herbology lab, EvilOverlady314!

Keep up the good work, everyone. There are lots of possibilities for this month's classes, so craft on!

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