Sunday, May 13, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, May 5-11

Happy Mother’s Day to all you dedicated Slytherin Moms! Just like Narcissa Malfoy, I know many of you will do anything for your little ones, include defy The Dark Lord himself. We love you for your strength, dedication and unwavering love.

Snakes did really well this week, but in the end the Lions won out. Much silver and green was in Muggle Studies as a favorite this week, while the rest of the school packed into DADA. However, counting was made much more confusing in Charms where school colors were being scrambled and swapped with mild abandon. I recommend visiting this class even if you do not have homework to hand in. It just goes to prove that no matter the house you’re sorted in that we’re all just Hogwarts students underneath.

Unacceptable homework excuse of the week: My Snape GPS got me lost in the Forest.

We can do this Noble Slytherins! Two and a half weeks to get homework done – this means you! Don’t forget to vote for my, I mean your favorite Hottie.

Stay Crafty Snakes.