Friday, May 25, 2012

Project showcase, week four!

Aloha snakes! I'll dispense with the silliness and get right to this week's projects:

Grr! Piperredfern found a domo-kun in the Herbology greenhouses!

Alrischa conjures up a flawless Aurora Serum in Potions class.

Maigret crafted a wearable incarnation of her family sneakoscope for DADA. An heirloom sneakoscope, that's so Slytherin!

TrishBadish confronts her fear of sharks (and shark confronts his fear of cats) in Flying class.

A beautiful skein for a first-time dyer! Well done, texaninalaska, for trying something new in Muggle Studies!

These darling little mitts are for Malakaiiii's own wee Magical Creature.

Pacasha brings tales of Atlantis to Charms class, along with this gorgeous shawl.

This beaded silk shawlette is the height of fabulousness. Sri will be turning heads in the HoM classroom.

That's all, folks! Keep on crafting -- as a House, we're a bit behind on the turn-ins but with projects like these, we're going to clean up in bonus points! Until next week!

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