Saturday, May 26, 2012

Snake Staff Interview: Cubejelly

This week in Staff Saturdays, an interview with Cubejelly! Cubejelly is a 7th year prefect (which basically means she's been here for a really long time) (and she has special bathroom privileges).

What made you join Slytherin staff?
I wanted to help Slytherin the cup!

What is your favourite project from last term?
It's a tossup between my felted fishy coin purse and my first pair of socks.

What's your proudest moment of enabling someone else in the dungeon?
Crocheted shawls!  I made a huge crocheted shawl a few terms ago and we ended up doing a crochet shawl along in the break month because of it.  I love enabling people to learn new skills.  Also, nerd laquer.  That one came down from me ;)

What is something new you've learned thanks to the House Cup - technique or otherwise?
I've learned to knit and dye (more skills to come!).  I'v also learned a lot more about google docs than any one person should ever know.  but most importantly, I've learned that I'm not the only snarky, nerdy, yarny on the planet.  Look out world - there's a metric butt load of us!

Trapped on an island with one skein of yarn - what would it be?
Ooh, I'm not even sure that's a fair question to ask.  It would be alpaca because it's soft and lovely.  And so far, my favorite alpaca has been some that I found at a local alpaca farm (Foothills Yarn & Fiber) where they name the color way after the alpaca it came from and you can meet the alpacas.  The yarn was lovely and soft and I would like to have a pool full of it.

Any words of wisdom for your fellow snakes?
Wisdom?  Um...probably not.   But I will use this opportunity to remind my fellow Snakes that consuming others' horcruxes, even is they are in the form of booze or baked goods, is frowned up.  Don't do it.

Thank you, Cubejelly!

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