Friday, May 4, 2012

Project Showcase, week one!

TGIF, everybody! The first week of class is coming to a close and you crafty snakes are off to a great start. Check out some of the first-of-term projects by your housemates.

Maigret shows up to the History of Magic classroom in true Slytherin style with her felted mini top.

Rockinsticks perpetrated some shenanigans at Beauxbatons and got stuck shoveling Abraxan poo... but this clever eared hat will help her blend in to the stables. Also, whoo, do I love a good purple lipstick! Fabulous!

In Flying class, MsNicci tries her hand at dyeing for the first time and creates this vibrant green yarn.

Cookknitwine solves the tricky Potions riddle with this dishcloth. Can you figure out her answer?

Paige524 casts a very effective Mustache Spell in Charms class -- what a before and after! It's like she's a totally different person.

And, of course, all our wee merit badges. Great job sticking it to Detention on the first day of term!

In other project news, as of this posting, Slytherin has put forth 59 OWL proposals! 59! In three days! That's the ambition I like to see!

Until next time, snakies!

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