Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Mix: Patterns to consider

The first week of term is over. Got your homework in yet? Not to fret, you've got 23 days to go. In case you haven't decided what to do yet, here are some patterns to consider. They're all available for free, too.

This Snakes and Ladders Kindle Kozee is knit using sock yarn and only takes about 25g. Our own YarnFreak75 knit it last term and it took about three days. Why not put Howl's Moving Castle on your kindle and carry it around in this snake-tastic cosy? You can then read Howl's Moving Castle while pretending that it's really War and Peace or Nicholas Nickleby you've got there. I suggest this one for Herbology - you have to keep your expensive equipment full of literary classics safe from Streeler Venom! - or if you're afraid of snakes, it might be a good Confundo for Charms, Option 2 (or you could deceive people into thinking that you're a Tolstoy fan when really you're reading Chamber of Secrets for the thirteenth time).

(Image © yarnfreak75)

If cables aren't your thing, why not have a bash at double knitting? I was shocked and horrified to discover that no snakes have knit this Slither Round My Head Hat. If you haven't done double knitting before, it's perfect for Flying Option 1 or Muggle Studies, or it uses worsted weight yarn, making it ideal for Option 1 of Care of Magical Creatures (Anacondas, I'm looking at you!).

(Image © KatieKnitsNY on flickr)

Don't worry, crocheters, I have some offerings for you, too. This broomstick crochet bonnet, Baby in Bloom, fits with Flying, but get creative. Who would think of looking in a baby bonnet for a pocket sneakoscope? Nobody, that's who, making it perfect for DADA Option 3.

(Image © Tamara Kelly)

Finally, I feel like I'm the last person to hear about Aoibhe Ni's glorious patterns, but I'm sure I'm not. I'm suggesting Pax, a beautiful lace tunisian crochet shawl. NeedlesNSwiffers has one in progress, but I wanted to make sure everybody else saw it, too. From some angles it looks woven, from others it looks knitted, so it definitely fits for Charms Option 2, but I also think it's fabulous, and suitable for History of Magic Option 1 as well.

(Image ©

I hope there was something there to whet your appetite or get your brains turning things over.

Enable one another.

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