Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HoH Report: HoH Challenge: In the Name of Slytherin!

It's HoH Challenge time! I'm planning on putting the challenge thread up sometime in the next few days or so, so consider this a sneak peek!

Instead of monthly HoH Challenges, this term we are having one term-long challenge. Students may complete this challenge multiple times (with different projects) or once over the course of the term. Larger projects such as OWL or OotP projects also qualify. 

Here's a preview of the thread!

When you think about Slytherin, what do you think about? Of course, you think about what it means to be a HPKCHC Slytherin, and the various things that make us awesome.

My challenge this term is to dig a little deeper into the history of Slytherin House by creating a project based on a canon Slytherin. Think about what they were as individuals, and if they lived up to being Slytherin. Maybe even think about how they'd fit in our Slytherin. An exploration of anyone who was ever sorted to Slytherin, all the way back to Salazar himself, fits this challenge. Extra bonus love button pushes for anyone who digs deep and explores the lesser known or talked about Slytherins.

That's the preview! There's probably a bit more, but that's the basis of the challenge this term! So start brainstorming those Slytherins, and I'm looking forward to the awesome that you'll come up with!

This is a decent place to start researching  and those of you who are Pottermore members may find some useful resources there as well.

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