Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fun!

Are you missing the Hotties here on the Dungeon Bulletin Board this week?  

How about we take our minds off of the missing hotties with a  Harry Potter Trivia contest!

You have until Saturday - 12pm Eastern Time - to reply to this blog post with the answer to the following trivia questions.

 Those of you who get the answers correct will be entered in to a drawing for a Prize from me! 

Are you ready? Are you set? Here we go! 

1) In which year  are OWLs taken? 

2) How many goal posts are there on the Quidditch Pitch? 

3) What flavor of Bernie Botts Every Flavor Bean does Professor Dumbledore get while visiting Harry? 

4) What is the name of Harry's first new broom? 

5) Where does the founding meeting of Dumbledore’s Army take place in Order of the Phoenix?

6) What is Gilderoy Lockhart’s favorite color?

7) Who is the Half Blood Prince? 


  1. 1. 5th
    2. 3 on each end, so 6 total
    3. Alas, Ear Wax.
    4. Nimbus 2000
    5. The Hogshead Inn
    6. Lilac
    7. Severus Snape

    TCI - you rock!

  2. 1. fifth year
    2. six
    3. earwax, though how he knows that's what it is...?
    4. Nimbus2000
    5. The Hog's Head
    6. Wasn't it lilac?
    7. Sevvie :)

    Should have just copied Joseybug! lol!

  3. 1) 5th year
    2) 6, 3 on each end
    3) alas, earwax (Dumbledore can obviously roll his tongue because only those who can roll their tongues can taste earwax - catties useless fact of teh day)
    4)Nimbus 2000
    5)The Hogshead
    6) Lilac
    7) Severus Snape - like any Slytherin wouldn't know that


  4. Hooray for contests! Now I must put your names in a hat and draw one out for a prize! (But first- I must go eat my moms birthday cake! :)