Saturday, March 17, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, March 10-16

Happy St. Patrick’s Day lovely Snakies! I know I’m a day early to post, but I couldn’t resist cheering you all on today. Obviously the way the Muggles worship Green today is their own deep down desire to honor all Noble Slytherins. They even drink Green Beer. So a toast to all of us!

Today is a nice day for Muggle Studies homework – a quick green Chapstick cozy – or mug cozy. Come on, we all have green scrap yarn – you know you want to. In fact, everyone favored Muggle Studies this week so just go with the flow.

The Gryffs piled on the homework again this week. We tied the Claws for second. Overall in March we’re coming in second, so turn in what you have and whip out a quickie just for good measure. TWO MORE WEEKS UNTIL END OF TERM!

Unacceptable homework excuse of the week: The potions lab was full of green beer so I couldn’t get my homework done.

Come on Slytherins, Girly’s already packing up her office; let’s go out with a bang. Speaking of which, as usual I’ll be starting the bonfire party in the Forbidden Forest. All over 21 are welcome (age line strictly enforced). Any suggestions for our theme? We’ve already done make your own Sandwich and make your own Sundae. Lord Voldemort’s hot tub is still there, so bring your towel.

Let’s go Slytherin! Rah-rah-hottie.

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