Sunday, November 13, 2011

Monday Mix

I was feeling reluctant to blog today. Mainly because I've been knitting with silk for the first time. Not only is it 100% silk, but it is silver. And not only am I knitting with silver silk, but I'm knitting the Cuteness that is "Tiny Shoes"... Sometimes knitting is such a treat that you don't even need hotties to rub your shoulders while you work! Sometimes. At other times, like earlier this week, it is eight thousand stitches of stocking stitch, and then you start Sleeve #2.

How are you going, Snakeys? Slogging through or floating through? Or doing the roller coaster that is "Knit All the Things at the Same Time"? Whatever your style, awesome work is being done, stitch by stitch.

Now, last week I highlighted the projects from October that scored the most bonus points in Arithmancy, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures and Charms. This week we have a few more.

SoftnShiny earned 51 points (that's 36 bonus points) for her 700 yards of DADA spinning (and a story that fit the class prompt so well, no doubt.)

 Ah, SSHG. What can I say? Those plies look good together ;)

Bewilderbeast (again) with a bonus 15 for her Potions homework.

Funfairiegirl, who got 29 bonus points for her Muggle Studies lanesplitter. Awesome for its style and colors, and I do love a knitted skirt.

Is that all for October? Let me know if I've missed one... my mind is on the silk...


Oh! Just a reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday the 15th) is the first day you are allowed to present your completed Order of the Phoenix Missions. You have until the end of the month, of course, but get in early if you can. These Missions are worth 100 points, and according to the House Cup Blog we're about 900 behind. (How updated is that tally, I wonder?) Anyway, I can't wait to start reading all the awesome stories of clever heroics and cunning plots that our brilliant Snakes have been working on these last 6 weeks.

And speaking of plots... the Plotting Thread for OWLs and advanced study in 2012 is up! Hehehehe.

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