Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Task #3 or is it Tasks #3?

Both the Tri-Wizard Tournament Task #3 and Yule Ball Event #3 are going on in the Cup. Honestly things seem very quiet in both events. Not sure if it is people trying to get their OWLs, NEWTS, and Brooms done or what... but it has been kind of quiet.

Here are the scores as of this am.

TWT Task #3
Hufflepuff 5
Slytherin 2
Ravenclaw 1
Gryffindor 1

The Snakes that scored were Maigret with a lovely gilly-coat

and MiaParanioa with a hat for protection and a hat for mental prowess

Good work ladies!

YB Event #3
Hufflepuff 19
Slytherin 11
Gryffindor 9
Ravenclaw 0

It is still anyone game. Remember for the Yule Ball event only have until Monday, Nov 21st to turn in your projects. The Tri-Wizard Task you have until the end of the month. Good luck everyone and have fun!

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