Saturday, November 12, 2011

Evil's Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, first full week of November

Wow, look at all the Red and Gold everywhere this week. Everyone must be getting ready for Christmas early this year...wait a sec...those are Gryffindor colors. All the classes have been packed with Lions this week. Amazing job this week by the Gryffs - they more than doubled homework from anyone else; that's us in second, by the way. Slytherins must be working hard on their OWLs. Right? Am I right? Please say I'm right.

Defense Against the Dark Arts was running a bit empty this week and it was Charms that was the favorite class of the Snakes and the whole school. Hey, we do know the cool places to hang, or maybe they're just cool because we're there.

Nobody panic yet, because the overall term totals are super close. So far the Gryffs have it, but there are only single digits between us.

Unacceptable homework excuse of the week: I'm moving to Wisconsin. Wait, that only works for Girly (good luck with your move HOH)! For the rest of you - keep those fingers moving.

We can do this Slytherins! Crank up your ambition and someone put a permanent sticking charm on the cup. Go Snakes go!

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