Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Breaking Out of Detention

It got lonely in Detention last month, y'all. So this month, we're trying something new. (And by we, I mean me.)

Each week, I will start in Detention, then roam the halls at will. I will try to stick to a theme, though - and this week, the theme is "first!"

This week, then, we begin with freply's Knitted Lacy Round Cloth, which was meant for last month's Potions assignment. No matter. It was the first Slytherin project posted in Detention this month!

Next up, crafterix with the very first belladonna-inspired project turned in for November's Herbology class.

For the Yule Ball, we have maigret's Holiday Reticule. Just the right size for a bottle of belladonna, I mean perfume.

SnapeLovinKnitter brings us a very special Rainbow Fish for the Headmistress ~ Librarian Challenge.

And finally, ElizabethsMommy is the first Slytherin to explore the dangerously fluffy bludger Charm.

1 comment:

  1. fun projects everyone-
    EM I am loving the puffy yarn!!!!