Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome aboard!!!

My fellow Snakes, welcome aboard the HMS Severus Snape!!! For this term it will be our home away from the dungeons. I would like to thank both The Master and The Tenth Doctor for all of their hard work in applying Time Lord technology to the ship so she will be ready for us this term. Last term we had an absolutely fantastic time and as an added bonus we were able to win the House Cup. Our main goal for this term will be to retain the House Cup so I hope everyone is ready to do their part for the Noble House of Slytherin.

Every Snake needs to keep in mind that it is highly important to complete one class each month to mantain an active status here at the House Cup. Detention, OWLs, NEWTs, OoTP, and Quidditch do NOT count for the one class a month requirement. Failure to complete the one class minimum may result in not being sorted the following term.

Keep in mind that I am not a mind reader and I do have a very busy schedule with two small boys and real life college courses. I may not be able to return PMs but I do read each and every single one. So if it has been a day or two since you sent me a PM then I may have gotten distracted by one of my boys before I got a chance to respond. Plus you could also let your Big Snake, one of the Prefects, the Head Girl, or the School Nurse know what is going on. Please keep in mind that exemptions are at the discretion of the Head of House and are not automatically given.

I know the House Cup can be quite overwhelming at times and there is so much that is offered. You do not have to do everything. All I ask of every Snake is that you complete one class a month. And it doesn’t even have to be a large project. Small projects count too. Every single project counts. Every sinle point counts. Every single Snake is important. Do not hurt yourself trying to do more than you are cabable of completing in a month.

Here in the Snake Pit “disagree” = “awesome”. Enough said.

Everyone is welcome to post pictures of their favorite hotties. Don’t forget to post the name so that curious Snakes are able to look up more pictures. Plus not everyone may know who the hottie is and would greatly apprectiate a name. Keep in mind that full frontal nude shots are a no-no. Please keep your hotties appropriately covered. Also be sure that the hotties are above the age of legal consent. The age of legal consent is 18 years old. And for the first time we have a place for Slytherin cuties over in the Babykins Gallery of Cuteness.

And finally, let’s all keep in mind that this is just a game. We do know that real life comes first. Try not to stress out too much. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Have fun. Enjoy your time here this term!

Slyther on Slytherin!!!

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