Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not EvilOverLady

Editor's Note:  The following post was submitted telepathically to me by EvilOverLady who is away researching the muggle version of Lumos and Nox.

EvilOverlady314 here reporting on the first day of classes. According to my Cheat Sheet of Total Domination - all the Slytherins must be seasick. Not one Snake turned in homework the first day of class!
Four Ravenclaws, two Puffs and two Griffs all managed to turn in homework on day one AND the Lions have taken over Detention. I stopped counting projects after 50 - DAY ONE ONLY.
Seasick remedies are now being given out at all bar locations. Turn in your homework snakes or our HOH may permanently dock us and take away our umbrella drinks.
Unacceptable homework excuse of the week: the cabin boy was delivering my homework and was washed overboard.
Slytherin rules, even at sea. Let’s get this boat a rockin’ and make the fiber fly.

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