Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Task #1 is Underway!

The Tri-Wizard Tournament began yesterday with the start of the first task!

So far it is a close race! As of 9am Founders Time, we have taken an early lead with 6 turn-ins. Ravenclaw is close on our tails with 5. Hufflepuff and Gryffindors both tied with 1 turn in each.

We have until Sat. Sept. 24th to complete Task #1. It is still anyones game so keep crafting! If you still need the element prompts please see the main thread here for more information. Also please do not forget to tag your post and project page. The Slytherin tags for task 1 are: SEarth1QF11, SAir1QF11, SFire1QF11, SWater1QF11. Keep in mind if you want to participate in Task #2 you HAVE to complete Task #1.

Want to say congratulations to fellow snake, Alrischa for being the first cupper to score in Task #1! She spinned up a Flame Freezing Charm using Cotton Balls!

Upcoming Events:
Sept 23rd: Yule Ball Event#1 begins! For those who are participating you should have your partners by now. If you still need a partner please put in your personal ad into the main quidditch thread. For more info on the event please visit here.

Sept 24th: The Task #1 ends.

Keep up the great work and remember to have FUN!

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