Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monday Mix

 How's the sea-sickness settling, Snakeys? Are the hotties keeping you comfortable? Remember, if anyone out there is starting to feel queasy, and looking at the calendar more than 3 times a day, just call for one of the Honeys to bring you a relaxing drink, and lie down on the sunbed for a while. Work Stress does not belong on a cruise ship! :)

This week on the HMS Severus Snape:

It's Noooop
All things Austen
Hexapuff fatigue
Broom broom vroom
A new use for kitchen scales: Weighing food.


Look up, because high over deck there's a big game going on. It's the 10th "annual" Quidditch Cup - with a difference. Choose your element, pick out some robes and grab your broomsticks people, because the Tournament has begun... and we are already ahead! Come on up!

Some Robes for Elements - scroll down
Robes including our cute Mascot Doom Goat
Some Robes in Green and Silver 
Robes with the Triwizard Cup
Even some Yule Ball robes (see if you can look at this one for 10 seconds without getting ideas)

I suddenly have an image of Severus tied to the front of the ship as a masthead holding the housecup in one hand than the triwizard cup in the other. WE MUST MAKE THIS HAPPEN! - Jonboy1987

BROOM report

Almost 60 Basic Request for Official Order Missions have been submitted by Slytherin, so far, with several days left for applications. If you'd like 100 points and you have a project in mind that will take you about 2 months,  submit it here  ...soon

It looks like all four houses have submitted a similar number of order missions. While this is fantastic for the Order of the Phoenix, it seems the points winner will be the house with the most completed missions. 

My fave project of the week
It's not a very democratic way to choose the project of the week, but basically, I stopped looking as soon as I saw this one. Awesome work, Oriocookie!

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