Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Detention: Week 3. Autumn Is Upon Us

The Whomping Willow's leaves are tinged with gold, and this morning, the fog was so thick on the lake I could just barely see the giant squid's tentacles waving through the mist.

Our Snakes are ready for the changing seasons, though, with a selection of lovely cardigans and pullovers that will keep them warm even in the notoriously drafty Detention Hall.

LambChop00's Tappan Zee is perfect for these early days of autumn, when the morning chill gives yields to late-summer warmth in the afternoon, and the color will serve as a reminder of spring when the winter winds begin to blow.

As the weather gets colder, Alexaferg18's February Lady Sweater will be perfect for layering, at the Triwizard Events or at a Muggle Football Game. (Ms. Alexa is a fan of the... Ponies, was it? No, no. Colts. I'm sure she said it was the Colts.)

And finally, ickle firstie MiaParanoia's Hooray Cardigan should keep her toasty warm all through the winter, especially with her modifications to the pattern - long sleeves, to keep her wrists supple for wand work, and a wide button band, to keep the wind out.

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