Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Mix

Attention, please, shipmates! Massages are being held on the main deck at 2pm, yoga is at 4pm and drinks tonight are starting at 5. Please, wear your most comfortable clothes and neglect all housework. It's time to take a deep breath.

If you're like me, you've been making new lists this week. I will finish this on Tuesday, whip up this on Wednesday, and then I'll have all of Thursday and Friday to finish the last three things. If you can't stop looking at the calendar, I encourage you to pass one of your projects over to a hottie, for safekeeping until Detention Day, Saturday, October 1st. Noone is supposed to have a nervous breakdown on a Cruise. It's just not Slytherin.


The unofficial tallies have been regular and riveting. We started off brilliantly, and got slowly overtaken by those aggressive badgers. But this is not the end of Quidditch, of course, and the Cup goes to the house with the most points in the end. All of the people who completed Task 1 are eligible to continue on, so please do so if you can (without hurting yourself). Remember, sometimes classes can be more valuable, so have a think about where to spend your energy. 

Task 1
Hufflepuff 80
Slytherin 69
Ravenclaw 58
Gryffindor 55
SoS 4

The rest of you, put on your dancing shoes. 25 yards per dance is not much, but 60 total points each IS.

My favorite class turn in of the week

Beautiful yarnwork abounds, and I urge you to browse through the gallery if you'd like to do some queue-shopping. But my favorite? I decided to go with whim and choose this one by Jesseknits

I can't get over the eyes! LOL! :)

This week aboard the HMS Severus Snape

...Alrischa finally begins to fall behind. Yep. Stupid Real Life. But I did like this cheeky post by 3secondfish!

And speaking of which... has anyone peeked into the Astronomy Classroom lately? I think there's something wrong with Professor Sinistra... there's Toilet Paper everywhere!

Nice work, funny Snakeys. 

Alrischa runs off to post hers...

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