Saturday, September 24, 2011

Evil's Cheat Sheet to Total Domination, Week 3

I'd like to start by reminding all of you that this is still just a game and it's supposed to be fun. Certainly don't abandon your home life for a solitary life of all crafting all the time (although it is tempting). I am very competitive and was frustrated when I thought we were ahead and doing great and then the next thing you know we lost. So since I thought some of you might be a touch competitive too, I started keeping my cheat sheet so we can estimate where we really are in the Cup standings. Don't stress about it people - stop and have a drink and a hottie. Because it just doesn't matter if we win or if we lose...because all the really good looking girls would still go out with the guys from Mohawk because they've got all the money! No, wait, that's not right. It doesn't matter if we win or lose because we still get an awesome end of term party and we get to hang out with all the other great people in the other houses. That said, BACK TO WORK!

This week the HMS Severus Snape was pirated (and we liked it). The rum flowed, the hotties yarrrred and arrrred, and some ferrets walked the plank. Best of all was that we really got the hang of life on the ship because Snakes posted the most homework this week!!!!!!!!!!! and it was by a lot. Yes, I know you're thinking it - we've almost caught up to the Griffindors. Nice work everyone.

Potions class was crammed with Slytherins this week and everyone's still having a tough time with Divination. A special shout out to all the snakes who posted in Astronomy this week; it's great that you're showing Uranus, uh Astronomy class, love. The rest of the school favored Charms this week, but only by a small margin.

Unexcusable Homework excuse of the week: My homework is tangled in the banana hammock in the Galley.

Slyther on you fabulous Snakes. This is the last week to post homework so suck it up and download those pictures. Also, if you just can't get it done in time I'd like to remind you to turn in what you have for partial credit. (You get the rest of the credit later in detention when you finish.) Every point counts.

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