Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get Your Groove On!

Task #1 is finished and you snakes did a fantastic job! You should all be very proud of yourselves. The unofficial score (if my count is right) is:
Hufflepuff with 80
Slytherin with 70
Ravenclaw with 58
Gryffindor with 55
Great job everyone! For Task #2 we will have to find better ways to distract those badgers! :) Keep an eye out for my Task #1 commentary on the main quidditch thread and in the Snake Pit. It still in progress but should be posted soon.

Now it is time to put on your dancing shoes because the Yule Ball Event #1 started on Sept 23rd! It seems that are own MiaParanoia kicked off the ball with her dance partner to show the cup that Slytherins know how to party. She made a BEAUTIFUL Calorimetry!

After that the dancers were quick to show up to the ball with their dance partners. Here is how we stand amongst the dancers in the cup so far:
Hufflepuff has 29 dancers
Slytherin has 27
Gryffindor has 18
Ravenclaw has 14
If you have not completed your project yet DO NOT FRET! There is still time! You have until Thursday Sept. 29th to complete them. Do not forget to tag your post and project with YBSlyF11

Upcoming Events:
Thurs Sept 29th: Yule Ball Event #1 ends!
Sat Oct 1st: Tri-Wizard Tournament Task #2 begins! Keep an eye out on the main quidditch thread for further information. What we do know is that to be eligible to participate in this task you need to have completed Task #1. If you want to continue on to Task #3 you need to have complete both Task #1 and #2! Also the minimal yardage for this task is 200 yards. Are tags for this event are: SEarth2QF11, SAir2QF11, SFire2QF11, SWater2QF11

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