Saturday, September 17, 2011

Evil's Cheat Sheet of Total Domination Week 2

Oh where, oh where have my lovely snakes gone? Oh where, oh where can they beeeeeeeee? Cause the Lion's are roaring and the Puffs have- Merlin's Beard the classrooms were crammed with Hufflepuffs this week! 83 homeworks turned in - great job to all those hard working Puffs. The Griffs are still on fire posting 77 and then my little Snakes comes us at 70, sadly 21 less than last week. Claws are still jinxed it seems. Don't be fooled, they're working on big stuff and will post like Banshees when they escape.

What can I do to encourage you? Stop singing? Promise an amazingly wild bonfire party if we win? I know you've all been working hard on really big stuff, but I'm starting to get nervous here.

Potions was standing room only this week - a favorite with the Snakes as well as the rest of the school. So few students wandered into Astronomy this week and one was only a firstie who was lost and needed directions to Herbology. Come on star gazers turn in your homework.

Unforgivable homework excuse of the week: My homework got tangled up in a banana hammock.

Overall we need 34 homework assignments to catch up to the Griffs and the Puffs are hot on our tails. Cast off you amazing and ambitious Slytherins! You can do it!

Also, a brief warning that there is a bug going around that makes students unable to complete any homework, especially when they have 5 or 6 projects already on the needles. Take steps to steer clear of this bug: warm tea, chocolate, and encouragement from good friends are the best known remedies.

You are all amazing and I know you can do it. Show me your stuff! (no, not that stuff, oh dear that may be over the PG-13 line, I'd need more than a few friends for that anyway...)

EOL signing off, but being ever vigilant in our Quest to Keep the Cup.

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