Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Get Ready to Quidditch! or umm...

Ok so it is not really Quidditch this term, but something even more awesome. This term the Slytherin House will be participating in the Tri-Wizard Tournament and the Yule Ball!

Yesterday our lovely Captain announced the Fall 2011 Slytherin team:
Captain - Snowqueen73
Keeper - bcts1022
Beaters - MINDYSUE, alrischa, LittlePenguin, and JonBoy1987
Seeker - LambChop00

Upcoming Events:

  • Currently- Picking Your Partner for the Yule Ball. If you do not have a partner for the ball and want to participate make sure you place your personal ad in the main quidditch thread here. Once you find a partner or if you already have a partner make sure you announce who your partner is and what house they are from in the main thread.

  • Sunday, Sept 18th- Task 1 is to begin! All that we really know about this event is students will be asked to pick an element path. Still thread stalking waiting for more details about the elements. According to the main Quidditch Thread, there will be no specific "type" of craft (ie. socks, shawls, ect.) but the project must meet the minimum of 150 yards. You will have until Sat., Sept 24th to complete the task. Also please note that in order to participate in Task 2 you MUST complete Task 1.

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