Sunday, September 11, 2011

Monday Mix

Ahoy, Snakeys! This week on the HMS Severus Snape...

  • We learned how to bake yarn until it's just the right color, and how to bake food the wrong color
  • PreSlytherins have been showing us their relatively awesome courage :)
  • The FB Status game to "promote cancer awareness" has been properly ridiculed
  • Owls carrying Love and Hugs have been flying off the ship every day to deliver goodies to our sick friends
  • Firsties have been showing off their enthusiastic awesomeness
  • GirlyWithATwist got in touch :) with her favorite hottie
  • The headmistress showed us an awesome pair of CookieMonster pants. (We can only assume that these are her pants and her legs...)

Speaking of Firstie Awesomeness...

 an Honorable Mention here to an elite group of first years. So far Trishbadish, LondonAfterDark, Jackiez32, Jackiechica, Hazelly and Ciri have all signed up for The Order of the Serpent First Class. Each has on OWL going, and together they have completed four detentions and twelve classes! Your insanity is an inspiration to us all!

Random beautiful classwork

SoftNShiny's Care of Magical Creatures homework Beautiful spinning that made my eyes glow Slytherin-green.

TrishBadish's Potions homework Simple and elegant and pretty. Her niece will love it!

Sandralice's Potions homework. Gorgeous cables and lace. If she can whip up this in 2 days, imagine what she could do with three! :)

Sports Report

Obviously Quidditch season has not quite started yet. There are Six Whole Days to wait... so ... Sign onto the Quidditch Thread to pick up a dance date, and flick through some 150+ yard patterns for the first task. 

Useful advice of the week

Wool dries out your skin, so treat your hands like you treat your hotties - stretch them out and rub them with lotion often. -LondonAftrDark

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