Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Detention: Week 2. The Hurricane Edition

This week, we (and by we, I mean me) spotlight two projects, both in stormy shades of blue and green, completed as Hurricane Irene swept along the East Coast of the United States like Severus Snape dragging well-deserving students to Detention, his robes billowing like dark clouds, his deep voice echoing like thunder...

Sorry, I'll just give you all a moment to regain your focus.


TrishBadish's Eternity Scarf was truly born of the storm. Ms. Badish bought the yarn the day before Irene was due to arrive, and was so smitten by it that she couldn't wait until the first day of classes to cast on. Of course the Ministry sensed her use of knitting magic outside of school, but there was nothing they could do except send her to Detention.

Lunathecat cast on for a mystery knit-along in early spring, with a gorgeous laceweight yarn she'd been saving, and 1,500 glass beads. However, as the project reached the halfway point, and the instructions demanded that she repeat the previous steps in reverse, Ms. Luna succumbed to project fatigue, as happens to all of us from time to time.

With Hurricane Irene approaching, though, Ms. Luna rediscovered her spring fling, and completed the intricate lace scarf called Ennoble.

Hurricane Irene and her little brother Lee caused millions of dollars of damage, and took more than 40 people's lives. That such beauty came from the storm as well only makes these two treasures more precious.

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