Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm Rockinsticks and this is Weekend Report, wait, no, maybe it is Snake Stalking, no um maybe Hottie of the week....

a mildly leather clad hottie walks to the desk and firmly slaps Rockinsticks across the face.

Thank you Sven.  As I was saying, this is weekend report.  In our top story decisions.  The first few days of July saw Slytherin housemates rich with choices.  Are they to jump right in to the new and exciting homework assignments, do they buckle down and knock out their OWLs, face up the the Headmistress Challenge or continue the pursuit of Horcruxes and Hallows.  In true Slytherin form stash was sorted and plans formulated for racking up points the last month of the term.  One hottie was quoted as saying, "My mistress, she is so distracted.  I try to soothe her and she swats me and not in the way I prefer."

Weather:  A mildly strong high low front will be plying singles through the night.

In other stories classes are up and challenging to say the least.  Snakes will really need to stroke their crafting and creativity muscles to tie classes into their work.  It was this reporter's intention to provide some suggested patterns, but frankly I am stumped.  Inspired yet stumped.  Maybe some of you have some thoughts?

Forgivable Curse:  Holy swift and wound up balls!

Finally from the subhuman interest desk I'm simply going to direct you to last week's subhuman interest desk segment.  I've received two jokes for Mistress Dru.  I realize she is back and better than ever, but lets go ahead and collect a few more anyway.  Who couldn't use a card full of jokes.

This is Rockinsticks and her bottle of gin big grin saying settle down snakes we got 31 days.

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