Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm Rockinsticks and this is Weekend Report.  In our top story Headmistress Needlesnswiffers proved herself a tease this week when she revealed that there is a 25% chance she will in fact be joining the great house of Slytherin next term.  Slytherins ran about the common room giddy and cleaning up in hopes that the Hat would determine their common room worthy.  One errant crafter was quoted as saying, "Yeah, I heard the Head of House even imported special exotic kind of hotties just for the Headmistress."  So we all wait with bated breath to find out if we will be the noble house of our heroic Headmistress.

Weather:  A brewing storm of NQFY's will be hovering overhead for the next few days.

In a related story - Sorting.  There are only four more days to present yourself for sorting so if you are a NQFY or a veteran Slytherin get thee to the ceremony.  The more ambitious snakes we have the better chance we have at victory.

Forgivable Curse of the Week:  Oh Basilisk Breath!

Over at the Sub-Human Interest desk we have.....we have....we have absolutely nothing to say.

Have a great week my sinuous pals and next week we'll only be one day from a new term.

This is Rockinsticks signing off.

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