Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Rockinsticks and this is Weekend Report.  A mild sadness spread across the Snake Pit this week as Slytherin's learned that they did not bring home the House Cup.  With true Slyther-style the chicks of the dungeon got off the sofa du wallow and raised their glasses to a game well played and a pile of finished objects.

At some point in the evening several crafty witches cast their patronuses who joined the debauchery with spectacular ease.  Joseybug's Horse and Vox8's Elephant were later found collapsed in a corner.  Head of House, Girlywithatwist was seen the next day casting intricate anti-patronus wards on the liquor cabinet.

Weather:  Lazily drifting WIPS will glide across a brilliant break month blue sky this week.

In other news Abycat and Severus (who were strangely missing all night from the party) handed out hangover potion and began to circulate news of next term's plan for Slyther-Domination.  Yes, we will pick ourselves up with the Slytherin Quest Double OWL Dare.  Third years and above two OWLs....300 points...yessssss.  Young ins you can compete too with a single OWL.  So, lets start swatching.  The sooner your proposal is approved the sooner you can cast on for real.  Let's overwhelm our examiner on May 1 with a pile of proposals and a taste of what Slytherin is going to bring next term.

Forgivable Curse of the Week:  Patrounus Poop!

From the Sub-Human Interest Desk - the starting line.  What are you doing in these last couple of weeks to prepare for new classes on May 1st?  Are you sorting stash, swatching OWLs, cracking your knuckles in anticipation, obsessively checking for the sorting thread?
I've been sorting stash.  I am realizing that I could in all likelihood open a yarn store in my living room called The Single Skein.  I am only mildly embarrassed. 

So Slyther-on my wicked and wonderful friends.  May is on it's way.


  1. Oh how I love it. My patronus is a troublemaker.

  2. Hee. I'm adopting that forgivable curse.

    ... preparing for next term? Wha? You mean I wasn't supposed to start enough shawls to ensure I'm in Detention for the rest of my Hogwarts career?