Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend Report

Good morning Snake Pit this is Weekend Report.  In our top story THE END.  This is the last weekend for February homework and the weekend report where we bring you bitty projects for the last minute crafter.

So without further ado.

Herbology: How about a candle complete with flame?  I'm guessing you could make it into a chapstick cozy fairly easily if you are feeling all practical and stuff.

Potions:  I'm thinking I could smuggle a lot in this colorful muff.

DADA:  Does your dark wizard dream date involve sushi and sake?

History of Magic:  You can't tell me you can't come up with at least one strange side effect to link with candy corn.

Astronomy:  Quickie little fortune cookie?

Transfiguration:  Yarn bomb antenna cozy.  Come on you know you want to make 50 of them and go to the long term airport parking.

Care of Magical Creatures:  Those colorful Fwooper birds feathers make for awesome pencil holder cozys.

Charms:  In case you are a fan of Bird on a Wire  by Lenard Cohen.

Weather:  Random spittle of stash will be seen over most parts of the forbidden forest this weekend.

In the Owlery we see that twenty four Slytherins have reached the 50% mark by the time of this posting.  Whoo hoo!  get it Hoo, like an owl, you know.... ahem.

Forgivable Curse of the Week:  Oh Blazing Basilisk Butt! Thank you for that Abycat, I've personally used it at least twice this week.

Finally, from the Sub Human Interest Desk - new lambs awwwwww.  Well they are dark so its kinda Slytherin.  Oh yeah, lets see you come up with something for this spot every week.   This is Rockinsticks surly and signing off with love to all my snakey pals.

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