Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do You Feel the Need?


Our awesome Head of House, GirlyWithATwist, sure does! February's HOH Challenge is all about things that remind us all of her boyfriend favorite hottie, Jeff Burton, also known around Slytherin house as The Race Car Driver! See below if you need further proof of his hotness:

Speedy snakes all over the house showed off their fastest projects, either in literal crafting speed or in reference to going 200 mph.

SnowQueen73's Mr. Bun-Buns is quick like a bunny, and was the first one out of the starting line for this challenge, her crafting speed increased greatly by knitting in the round instead of seaming flat pieces.

Oshelle was reminded of the flames coming off of a race car's tracks, immobilized in this hotrod of a washcloth, which adds speed to her matching shoes!

Rockinsticks shows us what disappears extra quickly around her house, a box of delectable bon-bons!

Momofpeg set up a race to see how fast Ken can run to catch Barbie when she's wearing this hot little number:

Abycat found her inspiration right in the dungeon, as nothing moves faster than the sexily arched eyebrow of Prof. Snape, immortalized in this great coffee cosy.

01Tangled not only made a speedy little pink race car, but she completed it as quickly as lightning!

Maigret's Frank the Slytherbunny is so fast, he bounces all over the house cup threads before you can blink, using his own special bunny teleport device.

Well, sorry to blog and run, but I need to get somewhere, fast!

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