Monday, February 28, 2011

Kilted Hottie of the Week!

Hello Slytherins!

Sorry about dropping the ball on making the voting process more clear this past week, my only excuse is that I caught plague from a bunch of Vikings and was too weak to type or click a mouse.

The hotties finally revived me with much kilt waving, and the winner of the Kilted Hottie of the Week is the ever-classically-sexy, ever-so-Scottish, . . .
Ewan McGregor!!!

Up for seriously Hot Honorable Mentions were David Tennant, John Barrowman, Gerard Butler, Alan Rickman, and a mysterious barbarian hottie with a snake who had lost his kilt somewhere . . .
For the beginning of March, this week's hottie theme is: Hogwarts Hotties!
Nominate your favorite actors and actresses playing characters in the Harry Potter movies, but NOT in their characters' costumes (they should however, be wearing something). Post your nominations in the Bring forth the Hotties Thread until Thursday night, and then the official voting will begin!
--ElfLiberator, inciting to kilt-blowing riots

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