Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Month Survival For First Years

First years rejoice. The first hurdle of being a firstie is over. We have survived the excitement and stress of the first month of classes. The rush of checking the threads on January first to see what the class assignments were, the running to the stash to see just what yarn you have that will fit the patterns you just picked after spending hours browsing through the ravelry pattern lists and friends projects.

Has the excitement worn off? That is the question.

For this first year, it hasn't. I am guilty of yet again eagerly waiting to see what the classes are for the month of February. I was able to complete seven of the eight classes last month, I would have done the full eight but I forgot my last project at the dorms while riding lessons had me up in the air the last of the month.

This month it is about making sure I hit the halfway point or more on my OWL project and also get more projects done as I am determined to make it to the padded walls, err, hospital ward for the knitting insane of the magically inclined. As a firstie, I am wondering if the novelty of school wears off? Maybe some of the older more knowledgeable Slytherins can chime in and let us know if it changes. Or, for you firsties, how did you survive the first month? Are you ready for February?


  1. I'm only a second-year, but I still get all excited waiting for the first of the month to see the classes posted. I hope that never gets old!

  2. I'm a firstie, and I somehow managed to finish all 8 of my classes, plus start on my Muggle Studies OWL. I was definitely ready for February, now I've just got to start the projects and match them with classes!