Thursday, February 3, 2011

... And They're Off!

Hello Fellow Snakes!

February classes were just posted on Tuesday, and some of our housemates have already turned in a homework assignment. Can you believe the incredible speed and agility of these folks? Out of the starting gate like a herd of racehorses!

Here's a peek at the speedy starting gate entries from Slytherin house for the first two days of February:

Maigret is the first Slytherin to post for Astronomy with her adorable and mesmerizing Frank the Slytherbunny, representing the Year of the Rabbit for the Chinese lunar new year:

01Tangled was inspired by her baby Fwooper in Care of Magical Creatures to create lovely citrus-colored potholders:

Abycat was inspired by the would-be-sedated Ramones to craft this clever pill bottle cozy, complete with potion capsules (full of dreamless sleep, perhaps?) for Charms class:

01Tangled once again beat the rest of the house to the punch, and crafted a delicious giant chocolate bon bon inspired by Honeydukes for History of Magic, and even started a bidding war to exchange it for lattes and hotties:

Momofpeg created a love elixir for Potions class and hid it inside this cookie of chocolatey, sprinkley yumminess - irresistible!:

Rockinsticks was the first Slytherin to post in Transfiguration, and good thing she did! A lot of us will be helped greatly by her ingenious labeled Eel-hole-covers when navigating a muggle household:

Let's have a big round of applause ... um, I mean, ... how DO snakes applaud? Well, anyways, three cheers for the first homework posts this month from Slytherin! Way to go, keep up the good work!

And happy Chinese New Year everyone!


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