Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Report

In our top story the end is nigh and the dishes are dirty.  Yes, this is your last weekend to fulfil your January prompt dreams.  With the end so close here are some pattern links to the extremely quick point getters in the form of dishcloths.  No, they won't get you much in the way of yardage bonus, but they'll get you to your prized private compartment on the St. Mungo's express and something you can hand to neighbors as yule gifts next year.

DADA - This little darling not only reminds you of your hex deflecting abilities, but defends against the dreaded dried lasagna hex.
Charms- First years Aikaterini and Floriental now have this open star dishcloth in their project pages.
Potions -  Are you invigorated by walking your dog on a cold day?
Divination -  Did you read the tea leaves and only see more tea in your future?
Herbology -  Okay these are potholders, but they fit the general theme of fast.
Flying -  Since the class prompt is about keeping warm and well, even strategically placed a washcloth is a tough sell, how about a nose warmer?
History of Magic -  No link here - whip out four of them in house colors - bam! Done.
Transfiguration - Anyone a fan of The Velveteen Rabbit? 

Weather:  Hurricane Dishcloth just might be moving in off the Black Lake.

In other news - class highlights.  So lets look back at some great Slytherin work this term.

DrusillaWormwood - Divination

Abycat - Transfiguration

HolyCuteness - Herbology
KikiBrown - DADA

Donkeyeggs - History of Magic

NwFairy - Flying
Prism - Charms

Snowqueen73 - Potions
Forgivable Curse of the Week:  Holy Grindylow Droppings!

In Sports - Hats like confetti littered the pitch this week.  EvilOverLady scored early with a 12 hat goal closely followed by RockyMoreno with 7.  Robynrenee claimed the quaffle posting 10 amazing hats then passed to Damiknitter producing a wicked 12.  Peanutzmom swooped over the pitch with 9 crocheted wonders while Girlywithatwist hammered home 6 lilac lovelies.  EvilMichelle posted up 6 points and Moongirlknits made a showing with 9 wee caps.  High score title went to first year DuhI'mknitting with a record 15 hats!

So much warmth created in the world this weekend great work Quidditch team.

The Hallows and Horcruxes Lab saw some serious partying this week with Fibreaddict, Yul, Elfielori, SerraBloodsong, and EvilMichelle sharing cake and hotties.

Finally from the Sub-Human Interest Desk we present a new feature....Council from the Caterpillar.  This week Abycat produced this tribute to Alice's Caterpillar.  If you found yourself 3 inches tall and were walking in the undergrowth and found a wise caterpillar lounging on a mushroom what would you ask him?  Think of it as a Dear Abby of the laid back Slytherin ilk.  Post a comment with your question and perhaps you'll be featured in an upcoming edition of Council from the Caterpillar.
Well that's all kids, until next week craft like you mean it.  Rockinsticks signing out.

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