Thursday, January 27, 2011

Subversive Slythertastic

Hello fellow snakes!

Unfortunately, I have not been yarn-graffitti-ing since my last fun-guy(girl) escapade. After a lovely and completely typical weekend out of town visiting friends, belly-dancing, and throwing axes, I sprained my foot. Therefore, mobility is limited and my ninja getaway skills have been temporarily put on the backburner.

Whatever will I blog about? I wondered in desperation. How can I yarn-bomb from my couch, with leg elevated? I racked my cunning little brain until the glorious inspiration of my fellow house-mates worked its Hogwartian magic.

I have it! Let's yarn-bomb the other houses! We all search the internet for green and silver or snake themed yarnbomb pics and agree upon a day and time to hit their common room threads and post them!

We could either assign a different day to each house, or divide into three teams and hit them all at the same time. Or we could pre-emptively assuage any inter-house misunderstandings and bomb them in their own colors! (They just couldn't get mad about that, could they?)

What say you, Slytherin? Are you up to the challenge I lay before you? Are we ready to prank the rest of Hogwarts in true snakey, fiber-y style? Who's with me?!

--ElfLiberator, inciting to craft-riot


  1. I am soooooo with you on this one.

  2. I could get on board with this... :)

  3. Okay, when do we want to do this? And do we want to do them in their own house colors?