Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Report

Welcome to another addition of Weekend Report

In our top story this week, Tomorrow!  Yes tomorrow is the first quidditch challenge of the term.  Our Slytherin team will be heating up the pitch with needles and hooks racking up the hat points.  We hope to bring you highlights next week of the fabulous collection of millinery produced by our housemates.

Weather:  Soft mohair haze settling in the valley, drive carefully everyone.

In points news we see our house showing the House Cup what Slytherin domination means. 

Divination - 19 projects to date
Flying - 32 winging their way toward points totals.
DADA - deflecting 33 hexes.
Herbology - also 33 fun and fabulous projects.
Charms - 32!
Transfiguration - changed from 10 last week to 17 this week.
Potions - 28 concoctions
HoM - 27 and counting

Forgivable curse of the week:  Son of a Snitch

In our Wildlife report Eureka is holding steady with our one NEWT while the rest of the Slytherins are approved for 75 total OWLs.

In the Hallows and Horcruxes Lab birthday greetings went to RobbieRobbie, Moongirlknits, Theherocomplex, Urbanneedles, RavenLuna, and Bewilderbeast.

Finally from the sub-human interest desk - the end.  This is a little pile of ends from my past.  All year I throw them in vase and then in the spring the Trolls hide them around the yard.  Sure enough we find robin's nests lined with wool by the end of the summer.  What do you do with your cut yarn ends? 

This is Rockinsticks running away........

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  1. Jaimeclaire, first year here. I also save my little snippets, and when my 5 yr old daughter is feeling in the mood, she uses them in her collage art projects. She draws a picture with markers on construction paper, then draws a doodle over that with white glue, to which she lays the snippets on top, like a line of changing colors. For my younger daughter, I draw a letter in white glue and she puts her yarn bits on top to create her finished letter. I can't take credit, the 5 yr old made it up :)